Communication Specialist

Political Scientist

Jacques – Antoine Armaos

In business and philosophy there is one key theme in common: thought. Productive thinking, one that leads to a tangible, measurable results is my totem. And my desire.

Today with over-information, overexposure and over-capability, in times when change is faster than perception, it is good to have a reference point in the magical world of the internet where there is a constant.

Mine is definitely on this site.

This is where what is written and what is said remains. And where what has been said stays constant in judgment and criticism.

Αύριο ίσως να έλθει το χθες

This book is a collection of articles that represent a very difficult time.

Reading them brings memories. Participation in the public debate through signed positions is a vital opportunity

in the passage of history for judgment and criticism. For confirmation or repudiation.

The author, believing that communication should serve politics and not the other way around,

presents views that must be judged under a triple light: their truth, the time and

the circumstances in which they were written. (From the presentation on the back of the book)